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A Different Kind of Brand Ambassador... 

Jonathan's followers are a diverse demographic, from large scale conventional farmers to very small organic homesteaders as well as those who just have a general interest in food and agriculture.  A majority of his followers are in the United States, but his popularity is currently growing in Australia, Canada, England, and Ireland. 
Jonathan's fan make up a very diverse background, coming from every political stripe as well as world views. They are often skeptical and by far are not reached through conventional marketing.  Jonathan's ability to get them to engage and "accept" new ideas or products is proven.  
Jonathan is very selective on who and what he endorses or who sponsors him.  If you are interested in having Jonathan tell your story or highlight your product, please email Amanda, at  If Jonathan sees value in your brand and believes his fans or farmers in general can benefit from highlighting it, he will be your most fervent supporter.  From showing up with a film crew to writing an op-ed, Jonathan can make your message resonate. If your agribusiness/farm has been attacked by activists, Jonathan can help set the record straight.  Most Ag Advocates are passionate and relate with a like minded audience, the word passionate does Jonathan no justice as he can be described as aggressively defending agriculture.  As some call themselves "Agvocates", Jonathan refers to himself as an "Agtivist", using science, logic, and reason to carry the message of Modern Agriculture.   
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